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July, 2019

Thank you again for putting S. on the right track. It was phenomenal how the time management, organizational, and study skills and habits you taught her have served her ever since.

All the best,


February 2019

Dear Susan,

I was just thinking of you and all the help and support you gave C. She has flourished. Successful at work, happy in marriage, and a constant, fluent reader. And you are to be so credited. 

I realize this is a little out of the blue, but you had such a positive impact and it bears repeated thanks. 

With my continuing gratitude,


R doesn’t love the craft of writing and perhaps she never will. But over the course of this school year I have seen her gain so much confidence in her various writing voices and I’m absolutely certain that the targeted practice she has gotten with you has played a large role. R’s literacy teacher said her reading comprehension and short-writing scores improved by leaps and bounds this year. As an example, she had to write a 1-page speech to deliver at her graduation. I’m not supposed to see the results until the ceremony, but it was so gratifying to watch her execute the form of the piece: she sat down without complaining, wrote out some notes, wrote a first draft, and did what looked like two passes of editing (I was only snooping from the couch). This is a huge change in both attitude and result from last year.

We’ll certainly maintain a strong interest in helping R continue to acquire these skills but I wanted to thank you once again for the role you have played.
— B.W. 2017

X got into Yale. He is over the moon. I want to thank you for everything you have done for him, which clearly contributed to getting him where he is now. You have a way of making your pupils feel that they can do no wrong, which is a wonderful talent. I am most grateful.
— P.S. April, 2013

"Thank you for all you've done to bring him to this moment. Your combination of patience and acceptance, expertise in learning and education, and intuitive and academic understanding of emotions, allowed you to support J--- in meaningful ways. I am grateful you were there for him every step of the way."

– BK 2016

Susan Micari performs a unique and valuable service. She gave our son what he needed after some negative Middle School experiences: time, patience, and meticulous attention. Her excellent work with him allowed him to get into his first-choice college, where he is at last learning to value his considerable intellectual abilities.
— Parents of a college student
Sue Micari saved my son’s academic soul - before meeting sue my son was almost thrown out of school for academic delinquency - in less than one year sue turned his performance around so that he got straight A’s, was selected most improved student of the year and was admitted to Vanderbilt - zero to sixty in under four seconds
— Jon H., parent of a college student
Susan worked with my daughter during her junior and senior years of high school. My daughter very quickly began to experience and to believe in her awesome intellect - something she had historically shied away from exploring. As time went by my daughter became more comfortable experiencing the struggle that often accompanies learning. Struggle no longer meant failure - it meant challenge. Susan helped my daughter fall in love with learning. This is a gift that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.
— Michael C., Parent
Susan is doing a wonderful work with my son. Nonverbal Learning Disability can be so challenging, especially in those middle school years, but my son’s confidence and self-esteem have improved greatly and I know that he trusts you and enjoys his time with you. The other day he asked me if he could continue to work with you when he goes to college. This speaks volumes considering his resistance to getting help in the past and the fact that last year he told me he didn’t think he’d ever go to college!
— CK, A Trinity Parent